Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bday For A Guy Filled With humors

Dear Ramesh,

Time Swept away our memories ,

Time Spent at Ella, Memorable in our lives,

Those late light blabbering , those fears of exams,

We enjoyed together, with devil in our room too. Room no 106,

Those Trips which we planned on weekends , were rejoicing whenever I memorise them,

Those walks on roads together we share our probs and happiness,

Missing them all now...

Trusty Friendship which been rare throughout one's life,

Im Happy , I got a bigger pie..

In this beautiful occasion ,

I wish u.., all the very best for ur future.

No doubt, U come with flying colours in ur life.
My heart full prayers for that,

God Bless u Dear Ramesh..

Many More Happy Returns of the Day..

Wondering How To pen - Bday wish malathy

Dear Malathy,

Its been a great day,to bring up ma old memories through ma hardships,Carried away frm ella.
Through the course of my penning i do remember U and all our frds who made our memories sweeter.

Keepin our hands crossed , things were unknown.
We use to write emails together, Now we rarely send emails among us.
Those fight ,those trips, shopping we did, remains evergreen always.
We stayed far however we are comforting tat our frds were near.

Things moved as it is,nvr to be done anythin on it.
Hardest thing we moved apart.
We kept mum,and the reason-mum.

On this wonderfull day,I jus wana tell U even if we nvr spk,
Even then u are special to me and u ve made a difference in ma life,
i luk upto u ,respect u,and truely cherish u .

Happy B'day ma dear malathy,
God bless U with everlasting frds and gud health.
May happiness flow lik ebb and tide thoroughout ur life..
Ur name stays in ma prayer ever!!!

Bday wishing-Bhupesh

Its been an immense pleasure to pen for u on this beautifull occasion.
Let me take this moment to bring up ,as of now, those beautifull memories which we shared together.
Where to start it off.. All been beautifull moments which we shared together and its been difficult to prioritise it.
Those games we played..those walks we walked on the corridor of ELLA...
Those great comedies we did in our project .. all were awesome.
Never ever to be forgotten ur memories i carry on ma heart..

May the almighty shower his blessings on u
Wishin u all success for ur wonderfull carrier..
Happy bday dear..

Bluffing all allong - B'day wish to Suraj

Hi suraj,
Jus i lik to pen a few things for a wonderful frd on a wonderful day..
Here we go..

Came frm nowhere,been in somewhere,landed on a wonderland.Known Nobody changed to Known Everybody.
Neverthless, we been for a short time still,wonderfull part of ma life.

Joyfull ride one does @ ELLA and im happy to ve U as a part in ma ride of life @ ella.
All been a dream,jus in a wink of eyes everything came to an end @ ELLA.
Im longing for those to come again in ma life but its lik living at Moon..dream been a dream.

Wondered how u been made,ur gesture,ur way of moving fablous,I been ur fan all the times.
Ur patience like AR Rahman music, can't be imagined.

Missing immensely those moments we played cards ,triping,@lab,@cafeteria,@Amphi theatre not but the least games played(carrom).
Time the crucial factor..All went for TOSS.Now things left out were mail conversation among our frds.

Let me pray to THEE to bless ma dear frd wit everlasting Happiness and gud health,
Walk through the path of success filled wit joyfull moments.

Happy B'Day Suraj.
God bless U.

Ma Penning for ma frds birthday - Anand.

Dear Anand,
Time passes,Time heals ,Time changes stil few havent changed and its been our friendship.
Long through ma hardship of four years,u been a shoulder to lean on neverthless time.
Been penning a longtime for ma frds,but tis remains a epitome of our frienship.

Few ppl makes u feel,few memories make u wipe and few things makes ma memories sweeter,
Im happy u been in all the times through ma journey of ma life.

I never knw what to pen here Im dumb on happiness.
We shared ,shared ,shared and left nothing to share, so close so near and dear to ma heart.

Bringing up ma memories and letting down ma words for ma wonderful frd to wish him on his bday,
Here we go..

Came frm distant,we met and made it shorter.Wonder how cld we did it.
Those treats we shared ,Beer,Signature .. Everything remains evergreen in ma memories hope for u too.
We(U,Gj,Gan,Me) always been a perfect group neverthles of fights and misunderstandings..
Im lost in words buddy......

Let me Put ma hands closer to ma heart to pray to THEE,
To Bless ma dear Anand With Everlasting health And Joy.
Let U carrry the sprit of winning and U travel all along the path of Success through ur carrier in the joy of life

Happy birthday dear Anand.
God Bless U dear..