Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bluffing all allong - B'day wish to Suraj

Hi suraj,
Jus i lik to pen a few things for a wonderful frd on a wonderful day..
Here we go..

Came frm nowhere,been in somewhere,landed on a wonderland.Known Nobody changed to Known Everybody.
Neverthless, we been for a short time still,wonderfull part of ma life.

Joyfull ride one does @ ELLA and im happy to ve U as a part in ma ride of life @ ella.
All been a dream,jus in a wink of eyes everything came to an end @ ELLA.
Im longing for those to come again in ma life but its lik living at Moon..dream been a dream.

Wondered how u been made,ur gesture,ur way of moving fablous,I been ur fan all the times.
Ur patience like AR Rahman music, can't be imagined.

Missing immensely those moments we played cards ,triping,@lab,@cafeteria,@Amphi theatre not but the least games played(carrom).
Time the crucial factor..All went for TOSS.Now things left out were mail conversation among our frds.

Let me pray to THEE to bless ma dear frd wit everlasting Happiness and gud health,
Walk through the path of success filled wit joyfull moments.

Happy B'Day Suraj.
God bless U.

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