Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ma Penning for ma frds birthday - Anand.

Dear Anand,
Time passes,Time heals ,Time changes stil few havent changed and its been our friendship.
Long through ma hardship of four years,u been a shoulder to lean on neverthless time.
Been penning a longtime for ma frds,but tis remains a epitome of our frienship.

Few ppl makes u feel,few memories make u wipe and few things makes ma memories sweeter,
Im happy u been in all the times through ma journey of ma life.

I never knw what to pen here Im dumb on happiness.
We shared ,shared ,shared and left nothing to share, so close so near and dear to ma heart.

Bringing up ma memories and letting down ma words for ma wonderful frd to wish him on his bday,
Here we go..

Came frm distant,we met and made it shorter.Wonder how cld we did it.
Those treats we shared ,Beer,Signature .. Everything remains evergreen in ma memories hope for u too.
We(U,Gj,Gan,Me) always been a perfect group neverthles of fights and misunderstandings..
Im lost in words buddy......

Let me Put ma hands closer to ma heart to pray to THEE,
To Bless ma dear Anand With Everlasting health And Joy.
Let U carrry the sprit of winning and U travel all along the path of Success through ur carrier in the joy of life

Happy birthday dear Anand.
God Bless U dear..

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