Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wondering How To pen - Bday wish malathy

Dear Malathy,

Its been a great day,to bring up ma old memories through ma hardships,Carried away frm ella.
Through the course of my penning i do remember U and all our frds who made our memories sweeter.

Keepin our hands crossed , things were unknown.
We use to write emails together, Now we rarely send emails among us.
Those fight ,those trips, shopping we did, remains evergreen always.
We stayed far however we are comforting tat our frds were near.

Things moved as it is,nvr to be done anythin on it.
Hardest thing we moved apart.
We kept mum,and the reason-mum.

On this wonderfull day,I jus wana tell U even if we nvr spk,
Even then u are special to me and u ve made a difference in ma life,
i luk upto u ,respect u,and truely cherish u .

Happy B'day ma dear malathy,
God bless U with everlasting frds and gud health.
May happiness flow lik ebb and tide thoroughout ur life..
Ur name stays in ma prayer ever!!!

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