Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ma Best B'day Uptil

Its hard that people remember you until you did good to them,and if they remember you for no reasons then it would be the most precious time of your life. And ,yes this post is all about of such one occasion where people remembered me and wished on my birthday.

Its about to be 12 and I got bunch of wishes from my friends.This time I had that much of wishes that I cant able to finger it out too.Its been an amazing day , where fever too came to wish for my b'day.

And one to thing to be remembered forever,is that one made to realize all through the day that its my b'day by sending b'day wish for every 1 hour.

To be remembered , I could categories my wishes, from my school friends, College friends , Colleagues and my childhood friends.

Those who have forgotten my b'day previous years have kept their memories turn on and wished me, which makes to be feel happy all through the day.

Not to be forgotten,we combined Anand and My B'day treat together , where we got together around 9 friends which was amazing and I felt happy as they made their presence just to make myself feel good for my bday and I was overwhelmed.

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